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Question 4

(a)        What is parliamentary system of government?

(b)        Identify five differences between parliamentary and Presidential systems of government.


This was also a very popular question.  However, some candidates did not properly develop their points.  They only listed them and this therefore deprived them some marks. Nevertheless, the candidates performed well in this question as they were able to explain the following:

(a)        Parliamentary System of government is a system of government in which the head of state is different from head of government. While the head of state performs ceremonial functions, the head of government performs executive functions.

(b)        (i)         there is principle of separation of powers in a presidential
            system while there is fusion of powers in parliamentary system;
(ii)        in a presidential system, President chooses his ministers from   outside the parliament while in parliamentary system ministers are chosen from parliament.
(iii)       in a presidential system, the head of state is also head of government while in a parliamentary, the head of state is different from head of government.
(iv)       in a presidential system, the President can be removed by impeachment while in a parliamentary system the Prime Minister can be removed by a vote of no confidence;

(v)        in a presidential system of government, the President is directly elected whereas in a parliamentary system, the Prime Minister is appointed from the majority party in parliament.

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