Government Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2012  
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Question 7

Outline six recommendations of the Brazzaville Conference of 1944.


This was another unpopular question because very few candidates attempted it. Those who attempted it performed very woefully and this could be a result of their neglect of the topic as it is centered on the francophone countries.  However, the candidates were expected to give the following points as answers to the question:

  1. The French territories should become autonomous units within a Federation with Headquarters in Dakar;
  2. Creation of a Federal Parliament for all French colonies composed of Europeans and Africans;
  3. Local (Regional) Assemblies composed of Europeans and Africans;
  4. The French West African territories should continue to send representatives to French Chambers of Deputies in Paris;
  5. The retention of traditional African institution/culture.

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