Government 2, May/June 2013  
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General Comments

question 10

(a) Explain the term Indirect Rule.

(b) Why was the policy criticized?



This question was popular and straightforward. Most of the candidates who attempted it did well above average as they were able to properly articulate their ideas in a very convincing manner. Some of the points candidates stated to score high marks included:

(a) Indirect rule is a British system of ruling her colonies with the use of local chiefs, or other appointed intermediaries, and traditional laws and customs with British officials merely supervising the administration.

(b) (i) the indirect rule system excluded the elite from participating in the administration;

(ii) indirect rule guaranteed the position of chiefs and therefore began to disregard the in-built traditional checks and balances they were subjected to before colonialism;

(iii) indirect rule did little to encourage traditional institutions to develop since colonial officials formulated policies and they only carried out these policies;

(iv) the British had absolute powers to create, recognise and depose traditional leaders which were powers hitherto exercised by African subjects.

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