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question 11

What factors have governed Nigeria’s relations with her neighbouring states?



This was another unpopular question and the few candidates who attempted it did not perform well. The question was wrongly interpreted by the candidates and they scored low marks. The candidates were expected to provide the following answers:

(i) Geography - Nigeria is bordered on three sides (north, west, north west and east) by Niger, Chad, Cameroon and Benin Republic. Because of this physical proximity, she is able to relate with them amicably.

(ii) Culture - The neighbouring countries share the same culture and ethnicity with some states in Nigeria. The colonial artificial boundaries in many instances cut villages into two. Nevertheless, official languages differ i.e. English for Nigeria and French for Niger, Chad, and Benin Republic except Cameroon which is bilingual.

(iii) Economic - Trade activities with her neighbours strengthened their economic ties.

(iv) Security - Instability in all the neighbouring countries has had repercussions on Nigeria and vice versa.

(v) Common membership of international organizations

(vi) National disasters like flood, draught, etc.

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