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question 8

Highlight four factors that led to the collapse of the West African Studentsí Union (WASU) before the end of the Second World War.



This questions was not popular with the candidates and they performed very poor. Many candidates avoided this question while a few that attempted it could not satisfy the requirement of the question. The general performance of the candidates was very poor in this question. The following points were expected of the candidates:

(i) The West African Studentsí union was not very much linked the ordinary West African peoples as they centred most of their activities in London instead of West African towns and villages.

(ii) It was an elite group which was seeking benefits for its members.

(iii) In the mid-1930s, the trend of nationalism had shifted from inter-territorial to national consciousness in British West Africa.

(iv) It was a proto-nationalist movement and its method of operation was seen as a conserative which did not appeal to the people in West Africa.

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