Government 2, May/June 2013  
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General Comments

question 6

Outline any six functions of the Emir in the Hausa/Fulani traditional political system.



This question was a very popular and straightforward one. It was attempted by many candidates who understood its requirements. Their performance was generally above average. However, some candidates failed to provide relevant details of the functions of the Emir. The following points were expected from the candidates’ responses:

(i) the Emir made laws over the areas under his jurisdiction;

(ii) he appointed other officials in the Emirate like Madawaki, Waziri, Mogaji, etc;

(iii) he maintained law and order within his Emirate through the local policemen;

(iv) he performed spiritual functions as the spiritual leader of the Emirate;

(v) he organized his people for communal works;

(vi) he imposed and collected taxes like kharaji, jangali, etc.


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