Government 2, May/June 2013  
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General Comments

question 2

(a) Explain deconcentration of power.

(b) Outline any five importance of decentralization.



This was not a popular question and many of the candidates who answered it performed very poorly. They did not understand the question and therefore found it difficult to provide the right answers to it. The candidates were expected to give the following as their answers.

(a) Deconcentration of power refers to a model/system of administration in which political powers are shared in such a way that the component units (States/Regions) are not directly subordinate to the central authority. The component units derive their powers and authorities from the constitution.

(b) (i) decentralization tends to mobilize the grassroots for national development;

(ii) it gives room for quick response to local needs;

(iii) it protects the interest of minority groups;

(iv) it reduces the volume of work at the national level, thus promoting efficiency;

(v) it encourages wider participation by the local people in government affairs.


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