Government 2, Nov/Dec 2014  
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question 1

(a) What is power?
 (b)       Identify any four sources of political power.


This was the most popular and a straight forward question. All the candidates who attempted it performed very well and scored high marks. Nevertheless, some candidates deprived themselves good marks by mere listing the points without further explanation. Candidates were expected to provide the following answers to the question:

  1.       Power is the ability/authority to control the behaviour of others, by making   them do what they might not do on their own free will.

(b)        (i)         The constitution:  it is the source through which agencies,     commissions,   institutions and arms of government derive their power;
(ii)        The electorate/the people:  They determine through elections who    should exercise political power;
                        (iii)       Force/coup d’état: The government can be changed by force;
                        (iv)       Economic Might/Wealth of an individual or state can be a source of                                    power;
                        (v)        Technological strength of a state can be a source of power;
                        (vi)       Inheritance: Political power can be acquired through inheritance;
            (vii)      Charisma: Possession of an extra-ordinary ability/quality to attract   others may be a source of power;
                        (viii)     Military might of a state e.g. U.S.A.
                        (ix)       Other relevant laws of the land;
                        (x)        Tradition, culture, convention and norms of the people;
                        (xi)       Elections: Through holding of periodic elections;
                        (xii)      Delegation;
                        (xiii)     Appointment: Some people are appointed into positions to exercise      political power e.g. Judges, Ministers, and Ambassadors Etc.


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