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question 7

Identify any five powers of a British Colonial Governor in West Africa which made him a dictator.



This was also an unpopular question. Many candidates avoided this question, the few that attempted it performed woefully. Nevertheless, the candidates were expected to explain the following points in order to score good marks:

            (i)         As head of the colony, he formulated and executed policies which he                                 considered appropriate for good administration;
            (ii)        He exercised veto and reserved powers;
            (iii)       He was the head of the executive council and therefore appointed all the  members of the council;
            (iv)       He appointed, disciplined and dismissed public servants including judges who  also held office by royal connection;
            (v)        He presided over both the executive and legislative councils, thus had absolute control over both legislative and executive policies;
            (vi)       The executive council was a mere advisory body so he could reject their   advice. He was not bound to take every advice;
            (vii)      Imposition and deposition of traditional rulers;
            (viii)     He performed other legislative functions like proclamation, certification and                       ratification;
            (ix)       He appointed or nominated official and most unofficial members of the   legislative council.


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