Government 2, Nov/Dec. 2014  
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General Comments

question 4

(a)        Identify any three types of political party.

(b)        State four functions of political party.



This was also a very popular question.  However, some candidates’ performance in part ‘a’ was poor. Instead of identifying types of political parties, they were only listing names of political parties and this deprived them some marks. Nevertheless, the candidates performed well in this question as they were able to explain the following points:

            (a)        (i)         Mass party
                        (ii)        Charismatic/Personality party
                        (iii)       Elite party
                        (iv)       Religious party
                        (v)        Broker party
                        (vi)       Ideological party.

            (b)        (i)         Selection/recruitment of political leaders and representatives
                        (ii)        Contesting elections;
                        (iii)       Provides for a smooth change of government;
                        (iv)       Provides welfare services to its members/people;
                        (v)        Serves as a link between the people and the government;
                        (vi)       Serve as training ground for future political leaders;
                        (vii)      Interest articulation and aggregation;
                        (viii)     Serves as unifying factor for national integration;
                        (ix)       Embarks on political education/enlightenment;
                        (x)        Opposition party serves as a watch dog for good governance;
                        (xi)       Organizes campaigns and rallies.

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