Government 2, Nov/Dec. 2014  
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General Comments

question 6

Describe five factors that made some traditional African political systems undemocratic



This question was unpopular and was also avoided by some of the candidates. The few ones who attempted it did not perform well; they failed to provide correct answers to the questions. The candidates were expected to provide the following answers in order to score good marks.

            (i)         The power of traditional rulers had no limit;
            (ii)        There was no separation of powers amongst the institutions of governance;
            (iii)       The traditional rulers and the council of Elders had no fixed term of office;
            (iv)       Ascension into political office was based on selection rather than popular
            (v)        Some of the laws were based on customs and traditions rather than a generally
                        acceptable principle like constitution;
            (vi)       There was no provision for Fundamental Human Rights since there was
                        no written constitution;
            (vii)      Participation- only a few privileged subjects had the right to participate in                          government;
            (viii)     Denial of rights of property: e.g. land, livestock etc.



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