Government 2, Nov/Dec. 2014  
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question 3

(a)        What is parliamentary system of government?

(b)   State four functions of Prime Minister.



This was another popular question and the candidates’ performance was average. They really had a good idea of the question. However, a few candidates performed poorly in the part ‘b’. The candidates were expected to write the following points as answers to the question:

            (a)        Parliamentary system of government is a system whereby the offices of Head of State and Government are separated and occupied by two different persons.  In this system, there is no strict separation of powers between the executive and legislative arms of government.

            (b)        Functions of the Prime Minister include:

            (i)         The Prime Minister is the leader of government business;
            (ii)        He and his cabinet formulate policies for the people;
            (iii)       He performs legislative functions;
            (iv)       He advises the ceremonial leader on the appointment and removal of the ministers;
            (v)        He recommends the prorogation and dissolution of the parliament to the Head of State;
            (vi)       He initiates bills;
            (vii)      He conducts external relations with other countries and international organizations;
            (viii)     He negotiates treaties with other countries;
            (ix)       He ensures the implementation of laws made by the parliament;
            (x)        He co-ordinates the activities of all ministries;
            (xi)       He prepares and implements the annual budget for the country;

            (xii)      He recommends deserving citizens to be awarded national honours.
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