Government 2, Nov/Dec 2014  
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question 9

(a)        Mention any three former British territories in West Africa that                               operate the Unitary System of government.

(b)        Give four reasons for the retention of a Unitary System of government by some former British territories in West Africa.


This was a popular question. The performance of the candidates who answered it was fairly average. However, some candidates did not score good marks because of skimpy answers in part ‘b’. The candidates were expected to provide the following answers to the question:

            (a)        (i)         Ghana
                        (ii)        Sierra Leone
                        (iii)       The Gambia.

            (b)        (i)         The countries retained the unitary system of government due to legacy granted by the British when disengaging;
                        (ii)        The size of the country necessitated the retention of unitary system;
                        (iii)       The countries had small population size;
                        (iv)       The countries were relatively homogeneous in culture/tradition;
                        (v)        The desire for strong national unity;
                        (vi)       The countries had no sufficient resources to run any alternative system.

                        (vii)      Their independent constitutions provided for unitary system
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