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question 10

Outline any five roles being played by the United Nations Organization (UNO) in the improving the socio-economic development of Nigeria.



This was a very popular question. The candidates performed averagely well in it. However, some candidates failed to satisfy the demands of the question. They wrote on the aims and objectives of United Nations Organization (UNO) and failed to score good marks. The candidates were expected to provide the following as answers to the question.

            (i)         Assisting in education sector through UNICEF/UNESCO;
            (ii)        Collaborating in development projects through UNDP;
            (iii)       Providing essential facilities e.g. water projects;
            (iv)       Assisting in providing economic advice, loans and grants through IBRD/IMF;
            (v)        Promotion of basic medical schemes through the WHO;
            (vi)       Promotion of man power development through the  ILO;
            (vii)      Creation of employment opportunities through its agencies, commissions and         other subsidiaries;
            (viii)     Funding our armed forces participation in peace keeping operations;
            (ix)       Promotion of democracy e.g. monitoring and observing elections;
            (x)        Provision of medical facilities and services through WHO;
            (xi)       Funding of research projects in various fields;
            (xii)      Caring for refugees and other displaced persons through UNHCR;
            (xiii)     Supporting and defending human rights;

            (xiv)     Promoting Agriculture through FAO and other agencies


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