Hausa Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2012  
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General Comments


  1. Amfanin ruwa ga halitta.
  2.       The usefulness of water to creatures.

  3. Hanyoyin da za a bunkasa harkar noma a kasar nan.
  4.       Ways of developing farming activities in this country.

  5. A ra’ayinka, wanne ne ya fi muhimmanci a kasa tsakanin noma da albarkatun man fetur?
  6.       In your opinion, which is more important to the economy between farming and crude oil.

  7. Rubuta wasika zuwa ga abokinka, ka bayyana masa dalilan da suka sa aka canja maka makaranta.
  8.       Write a letter to your friend, telling him the reasons why your parent changed school for you.

  9. Kowa ya ci zomo, ya ci gudu.

      Comfort is the end result of hard work.


  1. Candidates were required to write on the usefulness of water to creatures. In attempting the question, candidates should be able to identify different sources of water. For instance rainfall, well water, water from tap, borehole, dam etc.
    The usefulness which may include among others
    1. domestic work
    2. farming
    3. consumption
    4. washing
    5. cleaning of machines, etc.

          Candidates performance on this question was fair.

  2. The question above requires candidates to identify various ways by which farming activities could be enhanced in our country, so as to curtail an event of food shortage.
    In attempting this question candidates were expected to mention different ways as:
    1. securing large piece of land for farming
    2. provision of modern machines for farming (mechanized farming)
    3. use of Extension Workers to enlighten the farmers on new techniques of farming
    4. provision of Loans and grant to farmers
    5. provision of fertilizer to farmers etc.

          Many candidates attempted the question and their performance was encouraging.

  3. Above is an argumentative essay, it sought the opinion of candidates on farming and crude oil as regards their importance to the economy. In attempting the question, candidates were expected to write on the importance of either farming or crude oil and to show which is more important to the development of the economy.

    Many candidates attempted this question and their performance was fair.

  4. Above is a letter writing. The candidates were expected to write an informal letter using the following format:
    • Address of the writer
    • Salutation
    • Content
    • Conclusion
    • The content of the letter may include reasons such as:

    • Lack of qualify and sufficient teachers
    • Cultism
    • High cost of school fees
    • Lack of enough facilities such as tables, chairs, teaching aids etc.

    Few candidates attempted the question and their performance was not encouraging.

  5. The statement above is a proverb. It requires the candidates to give its meaning, narrate a story that will end with the proverb and further identify other proverbs of its equivalent.
  6. e.g
    • Ba a shan zuma, sai an sha harbi
    • Sai ka motsa, Allah ke taimakon ka
    • Ba a bori da sanyin jiki, etc.
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