GSM Phone Maintenance and Repair Paper 2, May/June 2015

Question 1







a) Identify the item A shown above.

b) List four components usually illustrated on A.

c) State one use of A in GSM phone repairs.  





d) Identify item B shown above.

e) State the function of B.

f) State two precautions that are necessary when using B.  






g) Identify the item C shown above.

h) State one function of C.

i) State two precautions to protect C from damage.

Most candidates attempted this question and the performance was poor. This is largely due to lack of qualified teachers and minimal or no exposure of candidates to the practical aspect of the subject.  


The expected answers are:

a. Item A = Schematic Circuit Diagram/ SCD

b. Components in A

Any correct 4

- Resistor

- Coil / Inductor

- Capacitor

- Diode

- Transistor

- IC

- Switch

- Circuit

- Ground/ Earth

- Port

- SIM bed

- interface

c. Use of A

Any correct 1

- To trace source / position of faulty components on PCB

- It shows the value of components on PCB

- To show the links between different components

d. Item B = Car Charger

e. Functions of B

Charging the battery of a phone

f. Precautions

Any correct 2

- avoid stretching of the cord / cable

- use it with compatible charging port

- avoid bare hand contact with metallic parts after removal from cigarette hole

- avoid frequent falling / dropping

g. item C = Battery Connector

h. Functions of C

Serves as interface (connector) between the main battery and the PCB / motherboard

i. Precautions

Any correct 2


- frequent dropping / falling of the phone

- water entering the phone

- fixing oversize (lengthy) battery into the phone

- removing and replacing frequently