GSM Phone Maintenance and Repair Paper 2, May/June 2015

Question 6

a) State two functions of the backup battery in a mobile phone.

b) State the function of each of the following codes:

(i) *#06#;

(ii) *#05#.

None of the candidates could give two functions of the backup battery as well as the function of code *#05# but most candidates provided correct answer to code *#06#.  


The expected answers are:

a. Backup battery

Any correct 2

- powering 'on' of phone

- keeping / maintaining the phone memory settings e.g. time, date etc

- enables charging system of phone.

b. Codes

(i) *#06#: To check the IMEI of a GSM phone.

(iii) *#05#: Brings out some hidden information (like SIM blocked, enter PUK when a phone has its SIM card blocked).