GSM Phone Maintenance and Repair Paper 2, May/June 2015

Question 2

a) What is a mobile rework station?

b) Explain network service code.

Candidates' performance was poor. Less than 5% of the candidates who attempted this question scored half of the maximum marks. They could not explain network service code while only few were able to determine mobile rework station.  


The expected answers are:

a. Mobile Rework Station: This is a piece of equipment used to remove / replace / fix electronic components on the main board of a phone. It consists of soldering iron, or/and hot air gun, power switch, regulator, display screen etc.

b. Network Service Code: This is the first four (04) digits of the telephone number given to a SIM card e.g. 0803 for MTN; 0802 for airtel, 0809 for etisalat, 0805 for glo, 0704 for visafone etc