GSM Phone Maintenance and Repair Paper 2, May/June 2015

Question 2








a) Identify the items D and E shown above.

b) State the importance of D and E in a mobile phone workshop.

c) State the class of mobile phone equipment to which D and E belong.

d) State two safety precautions required in a mobile phone workshop  







ITEM F                                                                                         ITEM G

e) Identify items F and G.

f) State two:

(i) similarities:

(ii) differences,

between the items.

g) Which of the items is classified as universal? Give a reason for your answer.

h) State two precautions to be taken while handling item G.

The performance of candidates who attempted this question was poor. This is still as a result of lack of adequate exposure of candidates to the practical aspect of the subject.  



The expected answers are:

a. Item D = Electrostatic Wrist Strap Item E =Fire Extinguisher

b. Importance of D and E Importance of D: To prevent electric shock Importance of E: To put off any fire outbreak

c. Safety Equipment

d. Precautions

Any correct 2

- wearing of electrostatic wrist strap

- provision of fire extinguisher

- not to handle electrical appliances with wet hands

- not to test charger / battery with your tongue

- not to use teeth to cut electric wires

- not to feel the hotness of soldering iron with bare hand / body parts

- avoid working with naked wire

- do not short-circuit electrical wires

e. Item F = Handsfree / Earphone

Item G = (External) Bluetooth

f. (i) Similarities

Any correct 2

- Both are handsfree devices

- While in use, both make contact with the ear

- Both can be automatically activated by incoming calls if the mode is activated.

- Both are used for telephone conversation.

(ii) Differences

Any correct 2 pair  

    External Bluetooth


 Wireless device

Wire connected device                    

Powered by battery                             

Does not require battery                  

setting with phone is required before functioning

Plug in and use directly

g. The Bluetooth / Item G Reason It works with any phone that has Bluetooth facility

h. Precautions

Any correct 2 Avoid

- Contact with heat

- Contact with fluid

- falling / breakage of plastic covering

- stretching of wire to prevent discontinuity