GSM Phone Maintenance and Repair Paper 2, May/June 2015

Question 7

a. What is meant by desoldering?

b. List two items required for:

(i) soldering;

(ii) desoldering.

This question required an understanding of the process of removing and fixing components on the main board of a mobile phone. Performance of candidates in this question was fair.  


The expected answers are:

a. Desoldering; This is the process of removing lead from the legs of circuit components through the application of heat

b. (i) Items required for soldering

Any correct 2

- soldering wick

- soldering lead

- wet foam / pad / sponge

- flux / paste

- hand gloves

(ii) Items required for desoldering

Any correct 2

- soldering wick

- lead sucker / desoldering pump

- alloy removal / flux removal

- needle

- flux / paste