Government 2, May/June 2012  
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General Comments


  1. Short answers

Most answers given by the candidates were short and were not properly explained. They only mentioned and failed to explain the points. The scanty answers given by them suggested that they had no in-depth knowledge of the points to be explained.

  1. Poor interpretation of the questions

Many candidates were unable to interpret the questions properly and therefore failed to provide the required answers to them. This reduced their chance of getting good marks.

  1. Violation of rubrics

Some candidates either did not read the instructions or failed to understand the requirements of the paper. They answered more than the required number of question demanded by the rubrics.


  1.       Candidates should be encouraged to read relevant Government textbooks to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the subject.     
  2.        Candidates should try as much as possible to improve on their English language by reading novels, newspapers and grammar textbooks.
  3. Teachers should endeavour to cover the syllabus and prepare their candidates properly in anticipation for the examination.


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