Hausa Paper 2, May/June 2013  
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General Comments
Question 1

Yadda za a rage cunkoso a gidajen kurkukun ƙasar nan.
   How to decongest prisons in this country.


Candidates were required to write on the ways by which prisons in the country could be decongested.  Candidates should be able to define prison and why it exists in any country.
Ways of decongesting prisons among others are through:

  • Provision of employment opportunities
  • Granting bail for mild offences
  • Frequent granting of presidential, governors’  or chief judge’s pardon,
  • Public enlightenment on the dangers of staying in prison
  • Out-of-court settlement
  • Granting option of fine
  • Training the inmates on various trades to make them self employed.

Candidates’ performance on this question was encouraging.

(b)        Wata ƙasaitacciyar liyafa da na taɓa halarta
            An important party I attended

Here, candidates were expected to write on a party they attended.  Candidates were required to mention the day, place and the time the party took place.
The reason why the party was organized should also be stated for instance:

  • Marriage or naming ceremony
  • House warming
  • Thanksgiving ceremony
  • Birthday party
  • Graduation ceremony, etc.

The programme, the important personalities that attended, security provided, speeches presented and the refreshment/entertainment should also be mentioned.
Many candidates attempted the question and their performance was good.

(c)        Wanne ya fi sauƙin isar da saƙo ga al’umma, rediyo ko talabijin?
Which is faster between Radio and Television in information dissemination to the public.

Here, candidates were expected to write their opinion on the mode of communication that is faster in disseminating information to the pubic between Radio and Television.
Few candidates attempted the question and their performance was fair.
(d)       Rubuta wasiƙa zuwa abokinka, ka yi masa goɗiyar goma-ta-arziki da ya yi maka a    lokacin da ka ziyarce shi a garinsu.

Candidates were expected to write a letter to a friend thanking him for the hospitality accorded  when he visited him.

The following format was expected from the candidates:

  • Address of the writer
  • Salutation
  • Content
  • Conclusion

The content of the letter may include:

  • The day you travelled
  • The name of the town
  • Hospitality enjoyed
  • Visit to places of interest
  • The good things you got and your return home.

    Many candidates attempted the question and their performance was commendable.

(e)        Ɗan  hakin da ka raina, shi ke tsone maka ido
           What a person undermines, becomes a problem to him

This question is on proverb, candidates were expected to explain the proverb, narrate a  story that will end with the proverb and further identify similar proverbs.

  • Abin da ya ba ka tausayi wata rana shi zai ba ka tsoro.
  • Yara manyan gobe.
  • Wanda bai ji bari ya ji hoho.

     Few candidates attempted the question and their performance was poor.

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