Hausa Paper 2, May/June 2013  
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General Comments
Question 1

(a)      Muhimmancin sana’a.

          The importance of trade.

(b)     Abin da ya fi ba ni mamaki a rayuwa.

          What surprises me most in life.

(c)      A ra’ayinka, wanne ne ya fi muhimmanci tsakanin ilimin mata da na maza?

In your opinion, which is more important between female Education and male       Education?

(d)      Rubuta wasiƙa zuwa abokinka, ka yi masa bayanin irin gudunmuwar da za ka bayar don ci gaban unguwarku, bayan ka ƙare makaranta.

Write a letter to your friend, explaining to him the type of assistance you intend to render to your community after your graduation from school.

(e)        Labarin zuciya, a tambayi fuska.

           One’s thoughts are portrayed by the expression on one’s face.



a) Candidates were required to explain the importance of trade to one’s life, in doing that, they should also define a trade. Some importance of trade include among others:

  • Independence
  • Development of the economy
  • Provides security to the country
  • Improves one’s health
  • Provision of raw materials to other industries
  • Boosts traditional occupations
  • It improves relationship between traders

Candidates’ performance on this question was encouraging.

b) Above is an expository essay and the candidates were expected to write on what gives them surprise in life.  In attempting the question, candidates were required to identify the thing that surprises them and write on it.

c) The question above is an argumentative essay, it sought the opinion of candidates as regards the gender that is supposed to be educated, (male or female). In attempting the question, candidates were expected to take a position and advance reasons for that.
Few candidates attempted the question and their performance was fair.

d) Above is a letter writing.  The candidates were expected to write an informal letter using the following format.

  • Address of the writer
  • Salutation
  • Content
  • conclusion


The content of the letter may include the following among others:

  • Establishing a youth organization to run a community self help project
  • Enlightening parents to send their wards to school
  • Establishing adult education classes for the youths
  • Running of extra-mural classes for the younger ones
  • Organising of sporting activities, etc.


Many candidates attempted the question and their performance was commendable.

e) The statement above is a proverb.  Candidates were required to give meaning, narrate a story that will end with the proverb and further identify other proverbs of its equivalent, for example:

  • Shimfiɗar fuska ta fi shimfiɗar tabarma.
  • Annurin fuska kaurin hanji.
  • Fuska mai sayar da riga.


Few candidates attempted the question and their performance was poor
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