Hausa Paper 2, May/June 2013  
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General Comments
Question 2

        Kawo siffofi uku-uku na furucin waɗannan baƙaƙe.

   (a)        /m/;
       (b)       /d/;
 (c)       /s/;
     (d)      /g/:
    (e)      /k/.

  Mention three forms each of articulating the following consonants:

  (a)        /m/;
      (b)       /d/;
(c)       /s/;
    (d)      /g/:

   (e)      /k/.



The question above is on phonology, candidates were required to  mention the three forms of articulation of the above consonants.

              a.  /m/  - baleɓe ɗan hanci mai ziza
              b.  /d/   - bahanƙe tsayau mai ziza
              c.  /s/   - bahanƙe zuzau maras ziza
              d.  /g/   - bahanɗe tsayau mai ziza
              e. /k/    - bahanɗe tsayau maras ziza
 Few candidates attempted the question and their performance was poor.



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