Government 2, Nov/Dec 2013  
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question 11

Outline six ways by which Nigeria maintains friendly relationship with other African states.



This question was a very popular and straightforward one. It was attempted by many candidates who understood its requirements. Their performance was generally above average. However, some candidates deprived themselves of substantial marks by not explaining each of the listed points. The following points were expected of the candidates:    

    • Establishment and promotion of bi-lateral relationships with other African countries;
    • by peaceful settlement of disputes;
    • by participating in peace-keeping operations;
    • active participation in economic union and signing of trade agreements with other Africans countries;
    • by aiding and sending relief materials to victims of natural disasters in Africa;
    • by joining other African countries in the formation of international organizations;
    • by establishing foreign missions abroad;
    • by supporting African liberation movements;
    • by participating in sporting activities;
    • by fostering friendliness among African countries;
    • by promoting cultural activities;
    • by promoting educational and exchange programmes;
    • by receiving and caring for refugees from other African countries;
    • by hosting regional and sub-regional conferences and summits.




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