Government 2, Nov/Dec 2013  
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General Comments

question 10

Highlight six external factors that led to the growth of nationalism in British West Africa after the Second World War.




This was a very popular questions. The candidates performed averagely well in it. However, some candidates failed to satisfy the demands of the question. They mixed it up external factors with internal factors and failed to get good marks. The candidates were expected to provide the following as answers to the question.

  1. The Atlantic Charter of 1941;
  2. intellectual write-ups;
  3. socialists’ and Communists’ condemnation of imperialism;
  4. attainment of independence of India in 1947;
  5. the loss of British prestige in the war;
  6. the emergence of USSR and USA as powerful nations and their subsequent criticism against colonialism;
  7. the role of the British Labour Party;
  8. anti-colonial posture of the United Nations;
  9. the role the Pan-Africanist movements;
the breaking of the myth surrounding the white men/Europeans during the Second World War.



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