Government 2, Nov/Dec 2013  
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question 12

Highlight six rights enjoyed by your country as a member of the Organization of African Unity.



This was the most  unpopular question. The question was grossly misinterpreted which led to the poor performance of the candidates. Most of the candidates that attempted it scored poor marks. However, candidates were expected to provide the following points:

  1. To be represented in all organs and institutions of the Organization;
  2. to stand for election in all special and ad-hoc Committees created by any Organs of the Organization;
  3. to cast a vote in each of the Organs and Committees of the Organization;
  4. to request for an extra-ordinary session of both the Assembly of Heads of State and Government and the Council of Ministers provided that such request has the support of ⅔ of the member-states;
  5. to nominate its nationals to any position within the framework of the Organization;
  6. to renounce its membershi

(vii)     to receive all the certified communications from the Secretary-General;
(viii)     to make a request for the amendment of the Charters of the Organization;
 (ix)       to notify the Secretary-General of its intention to adhere to the organization’s regulations/protocol.




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