Government 2, Nov/Dec 2013  
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General Comments

question 9

 Highlight six factors responsible for the formation of the National Congress of British West Africa.



This was a popular question. The performance of the candidates who answered it was good as they understood its demands. However, some candidates did not score good marks because of skimpy answers. The candidates were expected to provide the following answers to the question:

  • Racial discrimination against Africans in the Civil Service;
  • the nomination of unofficial African members into the legislature instead of being elected;
  • the low numerical strength of the unofficial members in the legislative council;
  • exclusion of educated African elite from participating in the government of their territories;
  • the Africans in the legislative council had no control over the revenue and expenditure of their territories;
  • Africans were not appointed into the judiciary;
  • the unfair treatment of African businessmen;
  • poor payment for cash crops;
  • lack of a university in British West Africa;
  • appointment and deposition of chiefs by the British;
  • inadequate medical facilities;
  • existence of dynamic initiators/leaders.



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