Government 2, Nov/Dec 2013  
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General Comments

candidates weakness/remedies

Candidates’ weaknesses as reflected in their work included:
(1)        Violation of rubrics
Many candidates failed to adhere to the rubrics of the paper and therefore answered more than the required number of questions and provided more than the needed answers to the questions.
(2)        Lack of preparation
Many of the candidates did not prepare for the examination. This led them to score low marks
(3)        Misinterpretation of the questions
Many candidates failed to perform excellently because they were unable to interpret the questions properly and failed to understand the demands of the questions. They therefore supplied wrong answers to the questions.
(4)        Skimpy answers
Most of the candidates were unable to explain their points; they only supplied unclear answers to the questions. The answers provided were not comprehensive and lacked the necessary details  to convince the examiners to award them good marks.


  1. Candidates should improve their reading habits because excellent grades require high determination and serious efforts;
  2. candidates need to study adequately to improve their English language so as to be able to convey their ideas properly:
  3. teachers should be encouraged to participate in marking exercise where they would be exposed to the appropriate learning materials so as to know what to focus on when teaching the students
  4. candidates should endeavour to update their knowledge by reading relevant          government textbooks;
  5. candidates should explain their points to earn full marks.


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