Igbo Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2018

Question 1


A. Here, the candidate was expected to write a letter to their siblings in another state preparing for WAEC exam, telling him/her the disadvantages in obtaining a certificate fraudulently.
Most candidates that attempted this question made good efforts and were able to give relevant points.

B. Candidates were expected to explain a proverb that says ‘Mmiri doro n’eju, dooro nwa nkita’ and write a story to illustrate it.
Very few candidates answered this question. Those who did, failed to give the real meaning of the proverb and wrote irrelevant stories.

C. Candidates were required to write an argumentative essay on the topic ‘It is better to be a farmer than a trader’.
Most of the candidates that attempted this question did not balance their arguments.

D. This question required that candidates write a dialogue on the current hardship in the country. Candidates dwelt more on the hike in the prices of foodstuffs in the market, forgetting other issues like transportation, payment of school fees, etc.

E. In this question, candidates were asked to write an essay on the importance of education.
The candidates that attempted this question performed creditably.