Igbo paper 2 Nov/Dec 2018

Candidates' Weakness and Suggested Remedies

Candidates’ weaknesses were observed in these areas:


  1. inability to attain the required length in composition writing;
  2. inability to answer questions on the sound system correctly.



    1. Teachers should take the necessary steps to make the teaching of Igbo more practical.
    2. Parents should encourage the use of Igbo in their homes in order to build the vocabulary of their children in the target language.
    3. Teachers should ensure that their students adopt the rules and guidelines for Igbo orthography.
    4. Schools should to take students on excursion to sites where cultural items are available.
    5. Schools should enforce the buying of recommended literature texts and also increase the time allocated to teaching Igbo on the timetable.
    6. The school libraries should be equipped with relevant Igbo grammar and literature books.
    7. Teachers should drill their students on Igbo phonology to enable them get a better grasp of the aspect.
    8. Teachers should endeavour to cover the syllabus before the commencement of the examination.